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2. Integral Yoga and Other Paths

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I doubt whether the condition of which you speak is that of the realised Vedantin – except of course the loss of the sense of personality and the non-identification with desire and the movements of Prakriti. Still perhaps the condition of the jaḍavat Paramahamsa (like Jada Bharata) may resemble it. That theory of prārabdha karma goes farther than that – it assumes that even if there are vital movements, that is also only the continuance of the machine of Prakriti and will drop off at death. They may, perhaps. I don’t base the gospel of the transformation of Nature on an impossibility of taking a static release as final – the static release is necessary, but I don’t consider that to take it as final is the object of coming into world-existence. I hold that the static release is only a beginning, a first step in the Divine. If anyone is satisfied with the first step as all that is possible for him, I have no objection to his taking it like that.


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