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Letters of Sri Aurobindo

04. The Foundation of Sadhana

Fragment ID: 1121

It is simply because you are full of mental and vital activities and relations. One must get the power to quiet the mental and vital, if not at first at all times, yet whenever one wills – for it is the mind and vital that cover up the psychic being as well as the self (Atman) and to get at either one must get in through their veil; but if they are always active and you are always identified with their activities, the veil will always be there. It is also possible to detach yourself and look at these activities as if they were not your own but a mechanical action of Nature which you observe as a disinterested witness. One can then become aware of an inner being which is separate, calm and uninvolved in Nature. This may be the inner mental or vital Purusha and not the psychic, but to get at the consciousness of the inner manomaya and prāṇamaya puraṣa is always a step towards the unveiling of the psychic being.

Yes, it would be better to get full control of the speech – it is an important step towards going inward and developing a true inner and yogic consciousness.