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Sri Aurobindo

Letters of Sri Aurobindo

Volume 2. 1934 — 1935

Letter ID: 423

Sri Aurobindo — Roy, Dilip Kumar

January 2, 1934

There is no other cause of these fits of despair than that you allow a certain kind of suggestions to lay hold of you instead of rejecting them and, once they get in they rage there for a time. Why not, instead of indulging and entertaining them, recognise that they are inimical to your aim, things that rush on you from outside, and refuse to give them hospitality – as you would treat now a strong sex attitude or other disturbing force? It is precisely because it is foreign to your real temperament and nature that you ought to recognise it as an enemy attack and repulse it.

You need not imagine that we shall ever lose patience or give you up – that will never happen. Our patience, you will find, is tireless because it is based on an unbounded sympathy and love. Human love may give up, but divine love is stable and does not falter. We know that the aspiration of your psychic being is sincere and the falterings of the vital cannot affect the support that we shall always give to it. It is because the sincere aspiration is there that we have no right and you have no right to disbelieve in your adhikāra [fitness] for the Yoga.

To stop coming to Pranam would be quite the wrong thing – it is a suggestion that always comes to push people away from the helping Force. Do not yield to it.

These difficulties do not last for ever – they exhaust themselves and disappear. But to reject them always when they come is the quickest way to get rid of them for ever.