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Sri Aurobindo

Letters of Sri Aurobindo

Volume 2. 1934 — 1935

Letter ID: 514

Sri Aurobindo — Roy, Dilip Kumar

November 11, 1934

I see that your dreams are becoming more and more experiences, realities in the deeper being – it is a very good sign of progress in the inner consciousness. I thought it best to write myself to Harin – I have done so tonight. I have no doubt there will be no difficulty – for Harin has repeatedly written that his feelings towards others have entirely changed and he no longer feels any reaction of anger or resentment when criticisms or mockeries against himself are reported to him and that he has nothing but good wishes for those who make them as they are followers of the same path towards illumination. I don’t think you need mind others knowing if there is a reconciliation. Venkataraman has long desired an understanding between you and Harin, Ambu hardly counts and Dara is not likely to be interested. But although there is not now any formal retirement, Harin is much absorbed nowadays in his sadhana and not seeing many who ask to come to him, so I don’t know whether a visit or visits will be possible. However I will let you know what I decide when I hear from him.

I have been reading your poem which is full of beauty and vigour. There is only one point, that you seem almost to say that the poet is necessarily not a seer or Rishi. But if the mere poet is not a Rishi, the Rishi after all can be a poet – the greater can contain the less, even though the less is not the greater.