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Sri Aurobindo

Letters of Sri Aurobindo

Volume 1. 1933-34

Fragment ID: 16385


In spite of a quiet condition a lot of undesirable impressions and thoughts come up.

It very often happens when there is quietude, but not the silence – they have to be rejected as foreign and so cleaned out. If they are indulged, they get a new lease.

You have to go on increasing the inner peace until it imposes itself on the vital also.

If there is absolute silence within it is quite natural that the thoughts on entering and touching it should fall off. It is the way in which the silence of the outer mind usually comes.

The peace has to spread in all the parts. In the peace one must become conscious of the Mother’s Force descended and working in all the being.

You always seem to think that because the silence is there in the consciousness, the whole consciousness must be equally affected by it. The human consciousness is not of one piece like that.