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Patel, Govindbhai

My Pilgrimage to the Spirit


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Sri Aurobindo — Patel, Govindbhai

May 15, 1932

May 15, 1932

The aim of the Yoga is to open the consciousness to the Divine, to live in the inner consciousness more and more while acting from it on the external life, to bring the inmost psychic into the front and by the power of the psychic to purify and change the being, so that, it may become ready for transformation and in union with Divine Knowledge, Will and 1Love. Secondly, to develop the Yogic consciousness, e. g., to universalize the being in all the planes, become aware of the cosmic being and cosmic forces and be in union with the Divine in all the planes up to the overmind. Thirdly, to come into contact with the transcendent Divine beyond the overmind, through the Supramental consciousness, supramentalised the consciousness and the nature; and make oneself instrument for the realization of the dynamic Divine Truth and its transforming descent into the earth-nature.