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Patel, Govindbhai

My Pilgrimage to the Spirit


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Sri Aurobindo — Patel, Govindbhai



I do not know that there is anything like Purushottama consciousness which the human being can attain or realize for himself; for in the Gita, the Purushottama is the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Being, who is beyond the immutable and the mutable and contains both the One and the Many. Man, says the Gita, can attain the Brahmic consciousness, realize himself as an eternal portion of the Purushottama and live in the Purushottama. The Purushottama Consciousness is the the consciousness of the Supreme Being and man by loss of ego and realization of his true essence can live in it.

Current publication:

[Largest or earliest found passage: ] Patel, Govindbhai. My Pilgrimage to the Spirit.- Second Revised Edition.- Ahmedabad, 1977

Other publications:

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