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Patel, Govindbhai

My Pilgrimage to the Spirit


Fragment ID: 18875

(this fragment is largest or earliest found passage)

Sri Aurobindo — Patel, Govindbhai

February 24, 1932

February 24, 1932

While meditating with the Mother, I saw a golden light descending from above, touching the body, turning into orange-coloured light and flowing away....

The golden light is usually a light from the Supermind — a light of Truth-Knowledge (it may sometimes be the Supramental Truth-Knowledge turned into overmind or intuitive Truth). Orange often indicates occult power. You have a strong power of (subjective) creative formation, mostly, I think in the mental but partly too in the vital plane. This kind of formative faculty can be used for objective results if accompanied by a sound knowledge of the occult forces and their workings; but by itself it results more often in one’s building up an inner world of one’s own in which you can live very well satisfied, so long as you live in yourself, apart from any close contact with external physical life; but it does not stand the test of objective experience.

Probably what you felt today was the Mother’s bringing down of Supramental Light with the object of changing this power of subjective formation into or replacing it by the true occult force (that would be the significance of the golden light becoming orange). It is an indication of a certain line of development possible to you if you can receive and assimilate the true guidance.