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Forth Series

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Sri Aurobindo — Unknown addressee

June 23, 1937

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The Vaishnavites accept the world as a Lila, but the true Lila is elsewhere in the eternal Brindavan. All the religions which believe in the personal Godhead accept the universe as a reality, a lila or a creation made by the Will of God, but temporal and not eternal. The one that is the eternal stands above.


1 CWSA, volume 29: They [the Vaishnavas] accept


2 CWSA, volume 28; SABCL, volume 22: The aim is the eternal status above


Current publication:

[Largest or earliest found passage: ] Sri Aurobindo. Letters of Sri Aurobindo: In 4 Series.- Forth Series [On Yoga].- Bombay: Sri Aurobindo Sircle, 1951.- 652 p.

Other publications:

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