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চটি1 [ caṭi1 ] n a tavern, an inn.

চটি2 [ caṭi2 ] a thin (চটি বই).

চটি3 [ caṭi3 ] n a kind of slippers open at heels (also চটিজুতো).

চটু [ caṭu ] n flattery; cajolement; adulatory words.

চটুকে [ caṭukē ] a showy, glamorous, apparently attractive.

চটুল [ caṭula ] a moving frequently or swiftly, not calm, restless, nimble, brisk, swift moving (চটুল চাহনি, চটুল চরণ); fascinat ing, captivating (চটুল ভঙ্গি). fem. চটুলা । ̃তা n. restlessness, nimbleness, brisk ness; (rare) fascination, grace. ̃নয়না a. having swift-moving eyes, possessing eyes capable of quick glances; having charming or fascinating eyes.

চড় [ caḍ় ] n a blow with the open palm of the hand, a cuff, a slap, a buffet. চড় খাওয়া v. to be cuffed or slapped or buffeted. চড় দেওয়া, চড় মারা v. to cuff, to slap, to buffet.

চড়ক [ caḍ়ka ] n the festival of worshipping God Shiva (শিব) on the last day of the Bengali year (also চড়ক-পূজা); the cer emonial swinging from a tall pole by worshippers of Shiva (শিব) on this oc casion. ̃গাছ n. a tall pole from which a worshipper of Shiva (শিব) swings on the day of chadaka (চড়ক) festival. চক্ষু চড়কগাছ হওয়া to be dazed or stupefied. চড়ক সংক্রান্তি n. the last day of the Bengali year i.e. the last day of the month of Chaitra (চৈত্র).

চড়চড় [ caḍ়caḍ় ] int expressing the onomatopoeic sound as of itching, pricking etc.; ex pressing the sound of splitting or cracking; the sound of extreme dryness or parchedness.

চড়তি [ caḍ়ti ] n act of mounting or ascending or riding; rise, increase (দামের চড়তি); boom in the market. ☐ a. soaring, ris ing, increasing (চড়তি দর). চড়তি বাজার a market in which there has been a boom; a market with soaring prices.

চড়ন [ caḍ়na ] n act of mounting or climbing up or ascending or riding; act of boarding (a vehicle); rise, increase. ̃দার a. one who mounts or rides; one who boards (a vehicle). ☐ n. a climber; a rider; a passenger.

চড়বড় [ caḍ়baḍ় ] int expressing: an onomatopoeic sound as of bursting of grains of corn when singed or fried; rapid movement or prattling. চড়বড় করা v. to make a re peated sound as of bursting of grains of corn when singed or fried, to fritter; to move or prattle rapidly. চড়বড়ে a. moving or talking rapidly.

চড়া1 [ caḍ়ā1 ] n a piece of land; (usu. a sandy one) rising out of the river-bed, a silted piece of land. চড়া পড়েছে a piece of land has risen out of the river-bed. মগ্ন চড়া n. a shoal.

চড়া2 [ caḍ়ā2 ] a haughty, arrogant, angry (চড়া কথা); severe, strong (চড়া রোদ); high (চড়া সুর, চড়া দাম).

চড়া3 [ caḍ়ā3 ] v to climb (up), to ascend, to mount, to ride; to increase, to go up (দাম চড়া); to become louder (সুর চড়ছে); to become stronger (রোদ চড়া); to attack (শত্রুর উপরে চড়া); (of cooking utensils) to be placed on the oven (হাঁড়ি চড়া).

চড়াই1 [ caḍ়āi1 ] n an ascent, acclivity, upward slope; act of mounting or climbing up; upward movement; altitude. চড়াই উতরাই acclivity and declivity, upward and downward movement.

চড়াই2 [ caḍ়āi2 ] n the sparrow.

চড়াইভাতি [ caḍ়āibhāti ] n picnic.

চড়াও [ caḍ়āō ] n an attack, a raid, an assault. ☐ a. one who has attacked or fallen upon; attacked. চড়াও হওয়া v. to fall upon, to attack, to raid, to assault, to assail.

চড়াত্ [ caḍ়āt ] int expressing: the noise of burst ing or splitting or slapping.

চড়ানো1 [ caḍ়ānō1 ] v to cause to mount or ride or board, to mount or board; to increase (দাম চড়ানো); to make louder or deeper (গলা চড়ানো); to fix, to adjust (ধনুকে ছিলা চড়ানো, বেহালায় সুর চড়ানো); to place upon; to load (গাড়িতে মাল চড়ানো); to put on, to wear (গায়ে জামা চড়ানো); (of cook ing utensils) to place upon the oven (ভাতের হাঁড়ি চড়ানো).