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দাঁড়ি1 [ dān̐ḍ়i1 ] n a punctuation mark serving the purpose of a full stop (।); a beam of balance, a pair of scales.

দাঁড়ি2 [ dān̐ḍ়i2 ] n an oarsman, a rower.

দাঁড়িপাল্লা [ dān̐ḍ়ipāllā ] n a pair of scales.

দাঁত [ dān̐ta ] n a tooth; a tusk (as of an elephant or a hog); a fang (as of a serpent); (fig.) strength or pride (এ পরাজয়ে শত্রুদের দাঁত ভেঙে গেছে). দাঁত ওঠা v. to cut teeth, to teethe. দাঁত ওঠানো v. to have a tooth extracted; to extract a tooth. দাঁত কনকন করা v. to be afflicted with tooth ache. দাঁত কিড়মিড় করা v. to gnash or grind one's teeth (esp. in anger). দাঁত খিঁচানো v. to scold bawlingly and with grimaces, to show one's teeth. দাঁত তোলা v. to extract a tooth. দাঁত তোলানো v. to have a tooth extracted. দাঁত নড়া v. to have a tooth loosened. দাঁত পড়া v. to have a tooth fallen away. দাঁত ফেলা same as দাঁত ওঠানো । দাঁত ফোটানো v. (lit.) to pierce with teeth, to bite; (fig.) to be able to understand or comprehend. দাঁত বাঁধানো v. to make or have artificial teeth (or tooth); to fit with denture. দাঁত বিঁধানো same as দাঁত ফোটানো । দাঁত ভাঙা v. (fig.) to humble one's pride or weaken one's strength. দাঁত মাজা v. to brush or cleanse one's teeth. দাঁতে কুটো করা (fig.) to eat dirt, to eat the humble pie. দাঁতের গোড়া the root of a tooth, the gum. দাঁতের পাথরি chalk-like substance deposited on the teeth, tarter. দাঁতের পোকা caries. দাঁতে দাঁতে লাগা same as দাঁত কপাটি লাগা । আক্কেল দাঁত a wisdom tooth. কুকুরের দাঁত a canine tooth (of man), an incisor. গজ দাঁত an additional or extra tooth grow ing out of the root of another tooth, a subsidiary tooth. দুধে দাঁত a milk-tooth; milk dentition; a stomach-tooth. পোকাদাঁত n. a carious tooth. বাঁধানো দাঁত an artificial tooth, a false tooth. মাড়ির দাঁত a cheek-tooth, a molar tooth, a mo lar. শুয়োরের দাঁত a tusk. সাপের দাঁত a fang. হাতির দাঁত a tusk. দাঁত কনকনানি n. toothache. দাঁত-কপাটি n. state of having one's teeth clenched (esp. in fear or convulsive fits), lockjaw, trismus. দাঁতকপাটি লাগা v. to have one's teeth clenched, to be affected with lockjaw or trismus. দাঁত-ভাঙা a. difficult to pro nounce or understand, break-jaw. দাঁতের মাজন n. dentifrice, a tooth-powder or toothpaste. দাঁত থাকতে দাঁতের মর্যাদা না বোঝা not to value blessings till they are gone.

দাঁতন [ dān̐tana ] n a twig used as a toothbrush (also দাঁতন-কাঠি).

দাঁতাল [ dān̐tāla ] a having large teeth or tusks.

দাক্ষায়ণী [ dākṣāẏaṇī ] n a daughter of Daksha (দক্ষ) an appellation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) in her previous birth (see সতী).

দাক্ষিণাত্য [ dākṣiṇātya ] a of the southern part of a country; of the Deccan. ☐ n. (inc. but pop.) the Deccan.

দাক্ষিণ্য [ dākṣiṇya ] n kindness, charity; favour; gen erosity, liberality; benevolence, bounti fulness; benignance; gracefulness; cor diality, amiability; simplicity.

দাখিল [ dākhila ] a presented for consideration or trial, submitted, filed (দাখিল করা) paid; brought (in or before); rendered or reduced almost to (মরার দাখিল). দাখিল করা v. to present or submit (for consid eration) (আইনসভায় তথ্য দাখিল করা); to file (মামলা বা দলিল দাখিল করা); to de posit (পরীক্ষার ফি দাখিল করা); to bring (in or before); to present or produce অপরাধীকে বিচারকের কাছে দাখিল করা to render or reduce almost to (মরণের দাখিল করা). দাখিল-খারিজ n. substitution of the name of the new owner in place of the old one in a rent-roll, mutation.

দাখিলা [ dākhilā ] n a rent-receipt (esp. one issued to a tenant by the landowner).

দাখিলি [ dākhili ] a presented, submitted, filed; paid; relating to presentation or sub mission or filing or payment.

দাগ [ dāga ] n a mark, a spot, a stain (কালির দাগ) a macle, a dark spot (চাঁদেও দাগ আছে) a scar (পোড়া দাগ); rust (লোহায় দাগ ধরা); an aspersion, a slur, a blot or blemish (চরিত্রে দাগ দেওয়া); a line, a tick (দাগ কাটা); a bounded plot of land bearing an official number, this num ber (জমির দাগ, দাগ নম্বর); a distinctive mark, an earmark, a brand (পণ্যদ্রব্যে দাগ দেওয়া); (fig.) a morbid or unfavourable impression (মনের দাগ). দাগ কাটা v. to draw a line, to tick (off); to mark off, to determine (a share, the boundary etc.); to leave a good or bad impres sion on, to impress upon (মনে দাগ কাটা). দাগ তোলা v. to remove or erase a mark or spot or stain. দাগ দেওয়া v. to draw a line, to tick (off); to mark (off); to de termine; to cast aspersion, to slur; to earmark, to brand; to produce an unfavourable impression upon. দাগ ধরা, দাগ পড়া, দাগ লাগা v. to be affected with dark spots; to be discoloured or soiled or stained or macled; to rust; to be af fected with a slur; to accept a mark (জলে দাগ পড়ে না); to be affected with a morbid or unfavourable impression.

দাগবিলি [ dāgabili ] n an account or description of a land-holding and its tenant.

দাগরাজি [ dāgarāji ] n repair works (of a building etc.)

দাগা2 [ dāgā2 ] v to paint (গায়ে হরিনাম দাগা); to mark or tick (পড়া দাগা); to brand; to write or practise writing by tracing (অক্ষর দাগা); to fire, to bombard (কামান দাগা). দাগানো v. to cause to paint or mark or brand or write or fire or bom bard.

দাগা3 [ dāgā3 ] n an emotional shock or distress or affliction (মনে দাগা পাওয়া); treachery or deception (দাগাবাজ); a specimen script for tracing to practise handwriting. দাগা বোলানো v. to practise handwriting by tracing on a specimen script. ̃দার a. one who harms or shocks; treacherous. ̃দারি n. act of harming or giving emo tional shocks; treachery. ̃বাজ a. treach erous; deceitful; fraudulent. ̃বাজি n. treachery; deception; fraudulence. দাগাবাজি করা v. to practise treachery or deception or fraud.

দাগি [ dāgi ] a bearing a darkish stain or spot of rottenness (দাগি আম); branded (দাগি লোক); previously convicted (দাগি আসামি).

দাঙ্গা [ dāṅgā ] n an affray, a fracas, a riot; a row. দাঙ্গা করা v. to be engaged in an affray or fracas, to riot. ̃বাজ a. given to riot ing or rowdyism; riotous or rowdy. ̃বাজি n. act or practice of making a riot; rowdyism. ̃হাঙ্গামা n. continuous riot and disturbances.

দাড়ি [ dāḍ়i ] n the chin; beard. চাপদাড়ি see চাপ । ছাগলদাড়ি n. a goatee.

দাড়িম্ব, দাড়িম [ dāḍ়imba, dāḍ়ima ] n the pomegranate.

দাতব্য [ dātabya ] a that which is to be or can be given; charitable (দাতব্য চিকিত্সালয় = a charitable dispensary, দাতব্য প্রতিষ্ঠান, দাতব্যখানা = a charitable institution, দাতব্য বিদ্যালয় = a free school). ☐ n. (coll.) charity, munificence (তোমার যে বড় দাতব্য). দাতব্য করা v. (coll.) to give (away) in charity.

দাতা [ dātā ] a one who or that which gives away in charity or gives or pays or contributes or donates; munificent, charitable. ☐ n. a giver, a payer, a con tributor, a donor; a charitable or mu nificent man. ̃কর্ণ n. (fig.) a person as boundlessly charitable or bountiful as Karna of the Mahabharata.

দাতৃত্ব [ dātṛtba ] n bounty; charitableness; munifi cence.

দাত্যূহ [ dātyūha ] n a species of water-fowl, the gallinule.

দাত্র [ dātra ] n a heavy knife or chopper with a haft.

দাত্রী [ dātrī ] a. fem of দাতা ।

দাদ1 [ dāda1 ] n ringworm.

দাদ2 [ dāda2 ] n a grudge. দাদ তোলা v. to pay off old scores, to quit scores with, to wreak vengeance on.

দাদখানি [ dādakhāni ] n a variety of superfine rice.

দাদন [ dādana ] n a loan or advance given as ear nest money. ̃দার n. a money-lender (usu. a professional one) who lends money as earnest money.

দাদরা [ dādarā ] n an Indian musical measure.

দাদা [ dādā ] n an elder brother or cousin brother; (voc.) a (paternal or maternal) grandfa ther; (voc.) an older or senior man; (in affectionate address) a younger brother, a younger cousin (brother), a grandson, a younger or junior man. ̃বাবু n. an employer or master as respectable as one's elder brother; (dial.) an elder sister's or cousin's hus band. ̃ঠাকুর n. a Brahmin (as ad dressed by a non-Brahmin). ̃মশায়, ̃মশাই n. a maternal (or also paternal) grandfather. ̃শ্বশুর n. a grandfather-in-law or grand-uncle-in-law.

দাদি [ dādi ] n (chiefly Mus.) a paternal grand mother.

দাদু [ dādu ] n grandfather.

দাদুপন্হী [ dādupanhī ] n a religious sect obeying the lib eral doctrine of Dadu.

দাদুর [ dādura ] n the frog. fem. দাদুরী ।

-দান1 [ -dāna1 ] n (used. as sfx.) a container (আতরদান).

দান2 [ dāna2 ] n act of giving; act of giving away; bestowal; award; charitable giving or distribution (অন্নদান); act of giving in marriage (কন্যাদান); offering, sacrifice, dedication (পরার্থে জীবনদান); contribu tion; a gift or a charitable gift (মহামূল্য দান); an offering, a sacrifice; a dona tion; a throw or cast (at dice. etc.); a turn (for doing something). দান করা v. to give; to give away; to give or dis tribute in charity; to donate, to contrib ute; to bestow; to confer; to award; to give in marriage; to offer, to sacrifice; to dedicate. ̃কর্ম, ̃কার্য n. practice of charity; act or instance of charity. ̃কাতর, ̃কুন্ঠ a. slow or unwilling to give, not charitable; miserly, parsimo nious, stingy, close-fisted, niggardly. ̃খয়রাত n. bounty, charity; charitable deeds; act or practice of charity. ̃ধর্ম n. the virtue of charity. ̃ধ্যান n. charity and religious meditation. ̃পত্র n. a deed of gift. ̃বীর a. & n. one who is extremely (lit. heroically) bountiful. ˜যোগ্য a. worthy of being given. ̃শীল a. bountiful, munificent, charitable, generous. ̃শীলতা n. bounty, munifi cence, charity; generosity. ̃শৌন্ড same as দানবীর । ̃সজ্জা n. (in a wedding) dis play of gifts given to the bride and the bridegroom. ̃সত্র n. an almshouse; a charitable institution. ̃সাগর n. sixteen sets of gifts given in a sraddha (শ্রাদ্ধ) ceremony. ̃সামগ্রী n. an article of gift (esp. one given to the bride or bride groom at a wedding). যেমন দান তেমনি দক্ষিণা (fig.) a niggardly master will have a lazy servant.

দানব [ dānaba ] n (myth.) any one of the giants hostile to gods, (cp.) a Titan; a demon; a monster; an evil spirit, a devil. fem. দানবী a giantess, a demoness. ̃দলনী n. fem. a vanquisher of demons: an appel lation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). দানবারি n. (lit.) an enemy of demons; a god; an appellation of Vishnu (বিষ্ণু). দানবিক, দানবীয় a. demoniac(al); devilish, dia bolical, gigantic.

দানা2 [ dānā2 ] n a pea or grain; a seed or stone or pip (ডালিমের দানা); any small granular or pea-shaped thing (সাগুদানা); a neck lace of pea-shaped beads; food (দানাপানি). দানা বাঁধা v. to form into grains, to granulate.

দানাদার [ dānādāra ] a granular, pea-shaped. ☐ n. a kind of granular sweetmeat.

দানাপানি [ dānāpāni ] n food and drink.

দানী [ dānī ] a bountiful, munificent, generous, charitable.

দানীয় [ dānīẏa ] a worth giving; that which is to be given. ☐ n. a recipient of a gift; a gift.

দান্ত1 [ dānta1 ] a one who has controlled one's sense-organs, continent; subdued, re strained; one who sustains the austeri ties of religious practices; controlled.

দান্ত2 [ dānta2 ] a dental; made of tooth or ivory.

দান্তি [ dānti ] n continence; restraint, temperance.

দাপ [ dāpa ] n pride, vanity, haughtiness; author ity, power; prowess; rage; passion.

দাপক [ dāpaka ] a. & n one who or that which causes to give.

দাপট [ dāpaṭa ] n force or power; terrible authority or influence.

দাপন1 [ dāpana1 ] n act of causing to give.

দাপন2 [ dāpana2 ] n pressing, pressure; trampling.