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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Here is a letter from J. He asked me to pray for him and to take a flower from you. And he would also like to come here.

You must understand that if we refuse persistently J's demand, we have a good reason for it. I do not understand really what he wants you to do. Flowers are usually given on special occasions and he can have them then.

I find that the concentration before going to bed merges unconsciously into sleep.

These things cannot have their effect in a moment. You must persevere till the physical consciousness is penetrated.

I have marked that if we write to you about some defects, some wrong movements, etc., they are immediately rectified but only for a day or two. Then gradually the old habits, wrong turns of the mind, creep in.

Again, transformation does not happen by a miracle in a day. It must be gained by constant aspiration, patient perseverance and persistence.

Just now I received P's telegram. I am sure you will give him permission, won't you?

The permission may be given – but does he want to stay in the Ashram? If so, does he know the ways of life here and that he must conform to them and also about the expenses? Or will he stay outside?

For how long is he likely to come?

All this should be understood before you answer.

Some days I walk out of the Pranam hall with joy and warmth filling my whole being; on other days the whole being seems calm and quiet. Which is the better condition?

Both are good – and there is no harm in their alternating till the joy and peace can combine.


1933 04 22 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran