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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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Mother, today after pranam as I raised my eyes, I could not but mark something different in your look, as if some surprise, some concern, even the suggestion of a reproach, was trying to express itself.

Not at all.

I feel it may be due to one of two reasons. First, I have been having vital thoughts. But when I realised they may be due to yoga,1 my mind settled down.

Second, I had to go to the pier2 with X as she was not feeling well and I came back depressed.

The pier itself has a very bad atmosphere nowadays.

For which of the two reasons did you give me that searching look?

For neither. You looked depressed, so Mother looked at you, – there was no other search,

I feel much better when alone but sometimes I have to attend to X in her illness or I have to go to market with her. I wish I could do all this with a calm mind. I hope I am clear.

Quite and you are right – but I don't see the way out for the moment – unless you can separate yourself within and put a guard of calm aloofness around you.



1 Sri Aurobindo underlined “due to yoga” and put a question mark in the margin.


2 The old pier of Pondicherry which is now broken down.











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