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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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Mother did not put her hand on my head during pranam. I hope it was not due to any wrong movement in me?

No. It was merely because Mother was in trance.

I hear N is going away. It is very surprising and painful to find that one who has been apparently so earnest and sincere in sadhana should have such a sad failure.

What do you mean by “sincere”? If one does Yoga in order to be a great Yogi or in order to satisfy the sex impulse in the vital, that is not sincerity. It is what N started doing. Farther he began to have wrong experiences and when he was told so, instead of putting himself right, he began to conceal his experiences from me – which shows that he preferred his egoistic satisfaction in getting experiences to the Truth – and that too is not sincerity.

I have the idea that since we can communicate everything to you by prayer, why need we write? But then it can also be said – why not write? Do you think something is trying to hide under the cloak of this argument?

It is always well to write what goes on in you – but it need not be done every day. The essential is to keep nothing concealed.


1933 08 04 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran