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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Mother, your reproachful look in the morning put me out of all good cheer. Is it due to a lingering desire in me?

That is an imagination, as usual. There was no reproach. Of course Mother saw that you had been touched by the desire, but there was no feeling of reproach in her.

The Divine pushes me to such tests when he knows me so well – and then I get a none-too-happy look from you!

The imagination of a none-too-happy look! I repeat there was no reproach.

Would you advise me not to go to X's aid in her illness?

I can't very well say that. I could only say so if there was somebody else who was willing to help her.

For some time past I have been feeling as if I were receding from the Divine, or is it that the Divine is receding from me?

The Divine does not recede. For yourself, you are probably not so much receding as getting into the part where there is the difficulty. I mean you have projected yourself from the mind into the vital. It would have been better if you had drawn back into the psychic – but since you are there, you have only to force your way through it to the psychic gates.

I want to offer you the best cheese available here and a tin of biscuits. I hope you will accept?

Certainly we accept.


1933 12 30 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran