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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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I enclose a poem. The philosophical conception expressed therein may perhaps be wrong, because the Purusha is supposed to be inactive only giving sanction to Prakriti. Isn't it so? I have represented the Lord with dynamism along with static poise.

That is the Sankhya Purusha – the Purusha of the Gita is Dishware also. The objection as philosophy is correct. Poetically – the opening is heavy, but the rest is good.

There is a notion that with the approach of Darshan there is a greater descent of Force. I don't feel any difference. But they corroborate their theory by the evidence of an upheaval of vital troubles etc. I think one should feel more calm and peace. Which view do you subscribe to? And is it a fact that there is such a descent?

There is usually a descent, but there is also a great opposition to the descent at these times. Some feel the descent only, some feel the opposition only, some feel both the descent and the opposition.


1934 02 09 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran