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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

The peace and joy I was experiencing since Darshan, have, I find, left me all on a sudden since yesterday. But what actions of mine – conscious or unconscious – have caused the happy condition to withdraw?

A very small thing will sometimes bring a fall of consciousness when the thing is not yet pakka. One has to pick oneself up again quietly without minding the interruption.

Mother, from your look at pranam it seemed to me you didn't or don't like our taking food exclusive of Ashram food...

How did you read food into the Mother's look? It was not there at all.

Often I have felt that you give sanction for these occasional feastings, but at the same time you don't sanction... Intuitive perception of your wish, I must say, isn't an easy thing. Why don't you tell me clearly what I should do, unsteadying of leaving me to find out for myself?

Why don't you go on what the Mother says instead of taking all this intuitive or inferential trouble?

Why do I come back so happy from D's place? Is it due to what you call vital sympathy?

It may be a vital sympathy – but with no harm in it.


1934 03 07 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran