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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I have diarrhoea. I had toast and butter at A's, and am having tea regularly at D's. Is it due to either? But can the bowels be so sensitive as that by Yoga?

Yes, the bowels can be quite as sensitive as that – but it is probably some other cause. Diarrhoea may come from catching cold in the stomach or other reasons than food.

As regards the “opening of the channel”, can it be done sooner by more concentration, meditation, etc., disregarding the literary side for the time being?

One can get the power of receptivity to inspiration by concentration and meditation making the inner being stronger and the outer less gross, tamasic and insistent.

You have said that inspiration comes as a result of a certain state of receptivity. Are we supposed to be more receptive at times that we feel the inspiration descending?


But the difference is hardly perceptible.

It only means that you cannot perceive it.

I have been faced with a doubt whether one can profit by writing poems, etc., as much (I mean spiritually) as one would if he had devoted that part of his time to sadhana – meditation, etc. In other words can literary activity be taken as part of one's sadhana?

Any activity can be taken as part of the sadhana if it is offered to the Divine or done with the consciousness or faith that it is done by the Divine Power. That is the important point.


1934 03 29 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran