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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Is it not possible to keep C here by Thy all-powerful Grace?

It would mean his cutting all outside ties. So long as the ties remain, the financial obligations also remain. I do not think he has advanced so far that he can cut away altogether and be free.

J says she was given a very small quantity of curry by A and her appetite is unappeased. It is very sad to see that in spite of your repeated directions and warnings (to the Dining Room workers), they forget this simple thing.

It is because D is no longer [there]. He was very careful in this matter as in all details – especially there in which the Mother had given special instructions. I shall write to A.

I find it rather inconvenient to imprison these bulky letters in a small envelope. You will see how many folds had to be made, it looks so ugly. Still I do it with difficulty.

Ugliness does not matter in this instance. The envelope system has been instituted so as to save a little the Mother's time in the morning so that she may not have to cut short the little rest she has or else have to come very late for pranam.


1934 04 18 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran