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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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I had a very peculiar dream last night:

I was going away somewhere much dejected and disappointed. The road I took was most gorgeous reminding me of that of the Lake Districts of Scotland; I had proceeded far; suddenly J came up running and said – “The one whom you wanted has come and is waiting for you.” I turned back but found nobody. More disappointed I was just going away when a woman's form with a child in her lap appeared as if from nowhere. I fell at her feet saying “O Mother, you have come then?” with such an ecstasy and fervour that words can't convey. “Are you going to leave me? Will you come often?” I asked. “I shall come nine or ten times a day.” With this reply she vanished and the dream ended. Who is this form and what is the meaning of this? And why the child?

The child was your psychic being. It was the Mother you saw and she brought it to you – that is, put you in close contact with it.

I am very, very happy, as if some secret fountain has been unsealed. One should remain as quiet as possible holding within oneself all the rapture, shouldn't one?


Is this a simple vital joy or a joy of writing poetry?

It is not vital at all, though the vital may share in it.


1934 04 23 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran