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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

My friend C, is extremely troubled by his own defects and is in utter despair and thinks of putting an end to his life. What should I tell him?

You have seen my answer I suppose. You can add that despair is absurd and talks of suicide quite out of place. However a man may stumble, the Divine Grace will be there so long as he aspires for it and in the end lead him through.

Last night I woke up suddenly in a condition of deep ecstasy. My room seemed to be quite different; it was pervaded by your presence. I felt I was lying in an immense cradle of that presence. I wonder if the condition was a stupefaction of the senses due to an interruption of sleep or a simple imagination.

What on earth is this nonsense? Do you mean that an experience of the pervading Presence can only be due to a stupefaction of the senses, an interruption of sleep or a simple imagination?

When you get experiences, especially such experiences, take them as they are. Why these mental mystifications?

If my Ananda was vital and mental, is there a psychic Ananda too?

I did not say it was vital and mental, but that it was Ananda manifesting itself in the mental and vital – a quite different thing; for the one Ananda (the true thing) can manifest in any part of the being.


1934 06 09 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran