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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

During this Darshan, instead of Ananda, Force or Light I felt a great dryness.

It depends upon your condition whether the Ananda or Force or Light descends or whether the resistance rises. It is the resistance of the ordinary physical consciousness ignorant and obscure that seems to have risen in you. The period of the 15th is a period of great descents but also of great resistances. This 15th was not an exception.

It is exactly one and a half years since I have been here. Unfortunately I cannot detect any sign of progress, everything is status quo, so to say.

You have had some experiences which are signs of a future possibility. To have more within the first 1.5 years, it would be necessary to have the complete attitude of the sadhak and give up that of the man of the world. It is only then that progress can be rapid from the beginning.

I was simply staggered by C's sex abnormalities and would absolutely despair of him unless I knew that your protection and blessings are with him.

Yes, he is a phenomenon in that way – but there is something very sincere somewhere in him. Let us hope the inner man will soon get the better of the outer.


1934 08 17 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran