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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Sri Aurobindo,

Last night I had a dream of a mixed character. I saw that many of us have assembled and are expecting you to come down amongst us. A great expectancy was in the air, a great excitement, because a Force was to descend.

This is also in the vital.

You came, but we didn't know how or when. Suddenly we found that Nolini had fallen senseless on the ground, and you were lying beside him, which gave us the impression that you were transmitting your Force into him. Then somebody came and separated us from you by drawing a screen, saying or suggesting that this was the Force that was expected to come down.

After a while some of us went to see you again, and saw you passing by. To our great delight and surprise your feet were just the colour of lotus – so soft, tender, beautiful. Unfortunately I couldn't make much of your face. So this was the dream, though not accurate, perhaps.

Dreams of this kind in the vital plane are very common. They correspond to something that has happened there, but the forms are often partly supplied by the subconscient mind and partly true. The “supplied forms” have then to be taken as symbolic, while the rest actually happened in that plane. N's falling down etc. and the drawing of the screen seem to be of the supplied kind. The rest seems to be of a more direct character.


1934 10 03 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran