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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I don't know anything about the example you gave of a double being. You have read, I am sure, Dr. Jekyi and Mr. Hyde. Is that an instance of a double being?

Well, it is something very much like that – except that the possession of the consciousness by either personality is not always or often [as] complete as that.

Is Divine Force somewhat different from Ananda and Peace in its operation? When Peace descends or Ananda invades, one can distinctly feel it as coming from above. But what about the Force?

One can feel it in the same way if it descends into the body. But sometimes it simply works from above or behind or within and in that case one may be conscious of the result, the energy given without feeling the Force itself.

Why is it so rarely felt? Is it more difficult to bring it down?

No. It depends on the person. Many people feel the Force more easily than the Peace or the Ananda.

Today an almirah was completed after 38 days, costing Rs.98. To me it seems too much. But I don't know how the labour could have been reduced.

That needs a knowledge and keen observation, I suppose – to see whether the fruit of the work is as good as the show. But you are there for supervision mainly, not for expert knowledge.

can never imagine that some day I shall have an expert knowledge of carpentry to supervise and regulate the work.

Well, get Energy from above (the Force) and put it forcefully on the carpenters – If one day you can do that, you will amply justify your timber throne.

In Yoga everything seems to be opposite. My Rs. 20,0001- over medical education are in vain! I don't know what purpose will be served by making me a carpenter of the Divine. If, on the contrary, I could be the Son of a carpenter that would be something!

I was under the impression that you were not enthusiastic over medicine or at least over the practice of it. If we had known that you were anxious to justify the 20,000, we could have utilised you in that direction. Are you serious about it?

If, as you say to D, remembering the Divine and giving thanks at the end ought to be enough, that is very simple and easy.

One must also aspire for the Force and for the consciousness of the Force.


1935 01 10 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran