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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Dr. B asked me to shift over to the Dispensary today itself, but I refused, waiting for your full instructions about the furniture, table lamp, management work, etc.

I think there is everything needed over there, table lamp and all. You had better go and see. If so, you will need to take only your personal things. One thing the Mother wants to say – she asks you to keep the Dispensary meticulously clean as D.S. did; there is a special servant attached to the Dispensary for that. As a “foreign degree doctor” you will understand the necessity. You can move in whenever you like, handing over your wooden responsibilities to Dikshit.

Now that I shall be in charge of the Dispensary I feel afraid abort my prestige. People expect great things from an England-returned doctor (who I may confide in you, hasn't had enough time for experience). If you can't save my prestige, save at least my face.

People are exceedingly silly – but I suppose they can't help themselves. The more I observe humanity, the more that forces itself upon me – the abysses of silliness of which its mind is capable.

The prestige I can't guarantee, but hope to save something of the face.

Above all, you are putting me in front of my very weakness – to be conquered, perhaps.

It had to be faced someday.

I have no desire to eat though I am hungry. I can't even sleep at night. Can it be due to the hypersecretion of the endocrines from yogic pressure?

Confound your endocrines! You have got to eat. Yoga can't be done on a hungry stomach. Sleep also is indispensable.


1935 01 21 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran