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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

The cloth you sent is too good for the dispensing table and will be spoilt. So it is being used for the writing table. Will oilcloth be available?

Yes, you have to ask the B.S.1 (late B.D.2).

The main room is now broomed twice and mopped once.

That is all right.

How shall we clean the glazed tiles? They are now simply dusted. I am thinking of thoroughly watering the floor once a week.

Glazed tiles can be wiped with wet cloth. But watering can't be done because it spoils the walls.

Shall we use floor polish, if available?

Polish can be given, but then you can't use water any more. Of course polish is nice looking and hygienic, but it will be rather a labour to keep it up, passing a special cloth every day. If the servant has time, it can be done.

The walls can be rubbed with wet cloth once a week.

That is good, the wall-tiles can be rubbed with wet cloth.

Shall I put a notice: “No shoes, please”?

Yes, you can put a notice. Of course, if there is polish, shoes are impossible.

Another thing, but I feel hesitant to write about it. I have a great fancy for a secretariat table like the one being prepared under my supervision for Cocotier...

It can be done – you can ask Chandulal for it.

Your resident physician or surgeon is not satisfied with being that alone, he is anxious to serve another Deity who is still behind. So he needs a bigger table which will be convenient and necessary, apart from the prestige.

The bigger table is necessary for the prestige of the Deity and for the convenience (and necessity) of the physician-priest?



1 Building Service.


2 Building Department.











1935 01 23 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran