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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

N asked me to tell you that he felt your Presence and Force in the evening very concretely. He does not want any medicine at all; he says that he used to have doubts before, but now they have disappeared.

It is queer. All the force I am putting into it or almost all turns into this subjective form – some objective result is there but still slight, uncertain and slow. Of course the cause is apparent – he has been accustomed to receive subjectively but not accustomed to receive physically. It is not however convenient for the present purpose – except as a preparation for the more objective receptivity.

We are not anxious to stuff him with too much medicine.

Perhaps it is better not to give medicines except Lithiné.

I still can't understand why you should bother to follow us doctors. The Divine can very easily act from the supramental consciousness directly; you don't really need a diagnosis given by ordinary men!

If things were like that, why the deuce should we have Doctors or a dispensary at all? And what would have been the use of your 20,000? We don't propose to do the whole business of the inside and outside off our own bat. You are as necessary for this as Chandulal for the building or others for their work.

Who told you we are acting from supramental consciousness? We aren't and can't until the confounded quarrel with Matter is settled.

If we doctors are important as mediums, you must tell me what our attitude should be in conducting a case.

Faith, openness, an alert and flexible intelligence. I mean by faith especially faith as a dynamic means of bringing about what has to be effected or realised.


1935 02 01 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran