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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I am a little taken aback to hear that a “certain note of persiflage” dilutes the grave discussion I am having with you.

Look here, don't tell me that because you are a doctor, therefore you can't understand a joke. It would have the effect of making me dreadfully serious.

I am sorry I can't detect the adulteration of the Divine philosophy with persiflage. My medical appliance is hardly capable of doing it.

A sense of humour (not grim) ought to be a sufficient appliance.

No doubt, I enjoy heartily the humour but I should like to be able to suck up the cream and give the rest its proper place.

The cream = the persiflage – the rest is the solemn part or the argument.

I would like to know something about my “bad logic” before I write anything further to you.

Helps to finding out your bad logic. I give instances expressed or implied in your reasonings.

Bad logic No 1. Because things have not been, therefore they can never be.

2. Because Sri Aurobindo is an Avatar, his sadhana can have no meaning for humanity.

3. What happens in Sri Aurobindo's sadhana cannot happen in anybody else's sadhana (i.e. neither descent, nor realisation, nor transformation, nor intuitions, nor budding of new powers or faculties) – because Sri Aurobindo is an Avatar and the sadhaks are not.

4. A street beggar cannot have any spirituality or at least not so much as, let us say, a University graduate – because, well, one doesn't know why the hell not.

5. (and last because of want of space) Because I am a doctor, I can't see a joke when it is there.

N's temperature is varying from 986-992 [37-37.3C].

Why the deuce doesn't it become normal? What about his blessed lungs?

He wants to come to evening meditation, will he?

Depends on you. The nights are not yet quite warm and he would be there for a long time.


1935 02 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran