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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

It seems that before I could come out of the pit of “latency”, the Avatar-pyramid has fallen on my head, sending me down to the bottom again! But I am afraid, you are making me admit something I never wrote, nor implied in what I wrote. Hower, I shall consult your Essays on the Gita to see what you say about the Avatar.

Can you not understand that it was the natural logical result of the statements made on either side about the unbridgeable distance between “Man Divine” and the human being moving in the darkness towards the Divine? If you admit the utility of my sadhana, the controversy ceases. But so long as you declare that what I have done in my sadhana has no connection with what can be done, I shall go on beating you. (What the Avatar says in the “Essays” is only an explanation of the Gita; it is not the full statement of the issue.) But still if you read three or four chapters there, you will get some idea of the general principles. For the rest I propose that all discussion be postponed till after the 21st (not immediately after). This will give time for you to clear your ideas and for me to pursue my “Avataric” sadhana (not for myself, but for this confounded and too confounded earth race).

N was looking a little tired. Mother says. If it is necessary for him to have S again. Mother can spare her.


1935 02 14 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran