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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Do you mean seriously that you will “never” forsake this humble pie?1

Of course!

Or has it any concealed meaning?

None; it is quite above-board.

Will you have some spare moments to release a wave of inspiration for one or two good poems?

That I don't know – provided the poems are there “latent”.

V's story turns out to be a history. Last two months he has been taking the seeds starting with 5-7 seeds a day. The number rapidly rose to 26-30 divided among three meals. It is amazing he had no bad symptoms except a slight oily sensation in the throat at first. Immunity? Tolerance by the system? Or another Khagananda2 in the Ashram?

He must have immunised himself – a modem Mithridates! Of course, the Yogis do do this kind of thing and it is perfectly possible, but I did not realise that V was one of the great ones. He has however in these matters the faith (and audacity) that moves mountains. Also his intestines must be very leathery and tough.

Who is Khagananda? There was the public poison + nails + snake eater who died because once he forgot to do the antidotic kriyā after his poison-meal. But that was, I think, another Ananda.

It would be better if V stopped taking these seeds. Who knows if it may not produce cumulative poisoning later. I learn that he has already done some Hathayoga.

He must not stop suddenly, otherwise all the symptoms of poisoning are likely to come up. If he stops, it must be very gradually, decreasing little by little. Mother finds him very grey – perhaps he is undermining his system. But one does not know what to do with these fellows who start such things without reason or warning. You might discuss the matter with him and see what can be done.

The more we are seeing the more that pessimistic attitude comes over me and the likes of us you want to supramentalise! But the Book of Verses says, “The meaner the slave, the greater the Lord.”

What is this more that you are seeing?

Jiban asked me about D.R.R.'s diet. Is lie under my jurisdiction? He is all right, except for slight pain. Just now we have given him guimauve.

That is right – he should take until the pain goes. You had better keep an eye on him till he is all right. He can have milk, but you must speak to Dyuman about it. Mother has already informed him – in case it is wanted.



1 15.2.1935


2 A modem Hathayogi.











1935 02 26 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran