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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Dr. B is going tonight and the whole responsibility of the dispensary sits on my shoulders. Well, all faults and failings have to be borne alone. You may say the Divine is there behind. Yes, but that “behind” makes all the difference! One doesn't know whether He is there! And I don't know why He proposes to work in me from behind or within!

don't know, “God moves in a mysterious way” – that is the sum of human wisdom in the matter, but it doesn't carry you very far.

We gave N.P. some bromide for sleep.

Bromide should be avoided – it does not give good sleep of a helpful kind.

We have prescribed mercury ointment also.

For many mercury ointment increases pain and swelling of eyes.

S seems to be all right. We can let him walk about a little. P asked me if his giddiness was due to congestion or some other cause. Considering his age, state of pulse and symptoms, I would think it's congestion.

I think he might walk about a little. Giddiness can come from many causes. I used to walk about for hours with my head going round or going up in a most exhilarating way. It gave me a perverse Ananda but did not inconvenience me otherwise. But S's case is not quite clear.

And why so many illnesses all on a sudden? Is the Supramental then too near?

No, it is the material which has become too uppish.

People are saying that it has come down into the physical, evidenced by great peace and calm. Is this then that calm and peace or the deluge before the new creation?

Into whose physical? I shall be very glad to know – for I myself have not got so far, otherwise I would not have a queasy eye. But if you know anybody who has got it (the Supramental in the physical, not the eye) tell me like a shot. I will acclaim him “Grand First Supramental” at once.

And so many eye-cases too! Is the infection spreading /(???)row the Master to the disciples?

There were plenty of eye-cases before. Your idea of their sudden multitude is an optical illusion!

Please see that my type-script [on Avatarhood] with your remarks, is not misplaced. I am almost dreading it. If once it goes into the heap, it is gone for ever!

It is safe. I have a stylish 17th century (or something like that) portfolio for these three precious (?) documents now.


1935 03 17 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran