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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

We were surprised not to receive any answer from you to R's letter. He says he was late.

He is always. He sent me two letters (which I read together) repeating the same things with different amplification.

N.P. was feeling better at 5 p.m. He felt as if you were working within his eye and inferred that perhaps you were reading his letter at that moment. It was after all, an illusion.

Only a wrong inference.

What is really this impression? Is there no truth in it?

There was truth in his feeling of the Force working – but his inference was an inference and not an experience. There is no infallibility in experiences.

Everyone thinks that as soon as you read our letters we get the necessary help and not before that. In my own case I got relief only after Mother's touch at Pranam or after I had written my whole trouble. Prayers are not heard, then?

It depends on how far the inner being is awake – otherwise one needs a physical avalambana. There are some people who get the relief only after we read a letter, others get it immediately they write or before it has reached us or after it has reached but before we have read. Others get it simply by referring the whole matter to us mentally. Idiosyncrasies!

I send you a diagram of M's condition, drawn by Nishikanta. I hope the “hell” is clear now! Meibomian cyst is an enlargement of one of the glands in the inner coat of the eye-lid.

This is more intelligible. You haven't explained your bad Greek, through – myoboemian1 which seems to have something to do with a mystically silent shout.

I find many things which are recommended or given for diseases, are not much favoured by the Divine. So I think it's better to ask your opinion before any drug is given.

There are some remedies which cure the disease temporarily but are bad for the system like quinine – others which suit some people but harm others, others which have a good effect one way, but a bad one in another way. That is why Mother does not like them to be used indiscriminately. Some she disapproves of altogether, e.g. quinine. She also disapproves of the excessive use of purgatives.

My system has been rather supersaturated with medicine and reports. If you could release that type-script document without any inconvenience to your eye, I can recharge the battery.

Release? I am seeking for mukti myself.

N.P. is much better as regards pain. But I wonder why atropine increased the pain as it is the drug indicated (???)/or iritis. And why did you ask it to be stopped?

Mother felt that the medicines were causing trouble – you yourself saw that atropine increased the pain.

How did you find S at Pranam?

He was all right except for a little weakness.

M showed me his eye with a pea-sized swelling inside – yellowish.

It is a swelling, not a pimple? Try hot boric solution wash for the present.



1 It is mock-Greek, a play on the word “meibomian”, which is a legitimate medical term and is not Greek. Myo in Greek means “shut”,“mute” or “mystic”; “boē” means “cry” or “shout”.











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