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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

The Ost1 said that M's condition has improved. He has advised to give salicylates for past rheumatism.

All right – salicylate him as much as the Ost likes.

Queer! one has to be dosed not only for present and future but past ailments. Medicine like the Brahman transcends Time.

An inner unquiet is running for some days. It seems as if I would mightily like to have something, but don't get it, – as if it is around me, but I don't have it! Mother's writing on the forehead2 doesn't manifest! And what about the universal? No sign of its opening its door to this poor fellow! Meditation, concentration, aspiration – everything is gasping! Let me have some stimulant drops, please.

Stop gasping and “smile a little”.

Well, if it is around you, it is bound to manifest – you have only to keep quiet and open yourself pleasantly.

You are seeking for mukti!! I thought you never cared for it.

That mukti I got ages ago without my wanting it.

B's upper eye-lid is congested. Eye drops?

If he wants drops, drop – but nothing startling or violent, please. Mother suggests camphor lotion, but she does not know the proportion and it must be light. I suppose you have no “codex” – book of ordinances?



1 ophthalmologist


2 5.3.35











1935 03 21 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran