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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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As regards S's case, could it have been due to syphilitic gumma in the brain, the symptoms of which were brought out by the exciting cause?

The Surgeon told Pavitra, I think, that even hereditary syphilitic tendency could expose one to the results and 90% (in Europe perhaps – India may not yet have caught up in the race) were open to it! Some exaggeration perhaps?

By the way I forgot to mention about your “unbiased intuition” in favour of the fracture of the skull.

I had written not “unbiased” but “unbased” = without any definite ground in apparent facts.

Throughout the day his condition was almost the same, only from 5 – 6.30 p.m. he was free from any “crise” which, I believe, was due to your Force. If not, we can attribute it to the mercury injection.

Let us hope the credit is due to the treatment, although they say it produces its effects only after a longer time – but I have seen that the Force can bring about a quicker action if the remedies are the right ones.

But what do you make of the original fall? It struck me at once at the time that it was epileptic, but as nothing seemed to come to support the idea, I dropped it. But when S said there was no giddiness and described the strangling attack on the throat and the movements he made, the epilepsy interpretation came back to me with great force (of course I know nothing about the illness scientifically). Do you consider the fall as an accident? If it was epileptic, the fall with the injury bringing about only the rapid development of the illness and this violent crisis, then what was the cause of the epilepsy? Epilepsy is from the occult point of view a characteristic form of vital inroad, but to take so physical a form a vital inroad must have or create some physical cause as its means or support for its manifestation. If syphilis of brain, tumour, haemorrhage are ruled out by absence of hypertension, what then was the cause, since the fracture or traumatism was not there at the time of the fall? Constitutional disease? What disease would produce the epilepsy? S's movements were often abnormally vehement, a great restlessness was there often and there was the trembling of the limbs. But what disease – if constitutional disease there was?

Sri Aurobindo


1935 03 24 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran