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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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T's hysteria has put my logic into hysteric (???)/its... She had never had any fits before. It seems she was late for her work, by a few minutes and A gave her a severe rebuke before the other workers. Maybe this is the cause?

She had these fits, but milder, in Gujerat before she came here. Here they did not occur – this is the first time and a bad fit at that. She has had very often “fears” and other moods and imaginations which might be of a hysterical character, – it is difficult to say.

You will excuse my fear, I hope. But surely if one1 can be the cause of such a trouble and upset somebody – and a lady at that, and in the Ashram. In addition to the fact that one has plenty of these, to bear in oneself, I don't know really what could be done. You know, so I leave it to you.

Fear of what?

Who is the one? in either case – A, you or X in general or in particular?

This is very mysterious language – can't you be more explicit?



1 Underlining “one”.











1935 03 29 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran