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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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My logic again, Sir: Sri Aurobindo is bound to become wholly supramental and is being supramentalised in parts. If that is true – and it is – well, he can't die till he is supramental – and once he is so, he is immortal.

It looks very much like a non-sequitur. The first part and the last are all right – but the link is fragile. How do you know I won't take a fancy to die in between as a joke?

Now, if that is accepted, then those whom you know for certain as would-be supramentals and have been accepted as such, are immortal – follows as a corollary.

Again the fallacy comes in in the “would-be”. A “supramental” may be immortal but why should a W.S.1 be immortal?

It may be a “comfortable doctrine” but that's my philosophy of sadhana. What is the good of the Avatar if we do everything by ourselves? We have come to you and taken shelter at your feet so that you may, as the Gita says, deliver us from all sins...

But what if the Avatar gets frightened at the prospect of all this hard labour and rushes back scared behind the veil?

After all what's the use of so much austere sadhana? The supramental is bound to come down and we shall lie flat at the gate and he can't pass us by.2

Why not? Why can't he float easily over you and leave you lying down or send for the supramental police to chivy you out and make you pass through a hard examination in an Epicurean austerity before you are allowed inside?

This is not really a joke. You may beat me for my semi-Epicurean attitude, but I do believe that those who can stick to the last from Anilbaran to N, will have the supramentalisation.

N also!!! Great illogical heavens! Obviously if N becomes a supramental, everybody can! No doubt about that logic.

You may say that it will be delayed in its descent by our passivistic attitude, as some people say that yourself and the Mother would have been supramentalised long ago if only we had not kept you down. Is it really true?

I can't say there is no truth in it, but it is not the passivistic attitude that stood in the way. However, “ifs” come to nothing so far as the past is concerned, since the past having been had to be – “Ifs” are only of value for the future.

Manubhai (in the smithy) has conjunctivitis.

Manibhai is the Smithy Superintendent – Manubhai is the Lord High Gardener. don't mix men and vowels supramentally like that.



1 Would-be supramental.


2 Underlining “he can't pass us by”.











1935 03 30 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran