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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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To my query T said that the trouble is now pain in the lower abdomen. When that pain increases, she goes unconscious.

isn't that mere hysteric auto-suggestion? She used to have these pains before and did not “go unconscious”. Or is it brain congestion due to stoppage of the menses?

I gather that she is having periods for the last three days and usually she suffers from pain. For the last three months she had no periods at all.

Many of the women here have very fanciful periods – but I suppose that is fairly common everywhere. Pavitra has a medicine for blood circulation and regularity of menses. You might ask Pavitra about it. These medicines (he has more than one) are the latest discoveries in Europe of which samples have been sent here.

D is all right. But can you tell me why so many cases have flared up along with my advent? Are the hostile forces trying to test the capacity of a raw doctor?

I have noticed that – but am not yet quite clear as to the cause – whether it is a special favour to you or merely a coincidence – i.e. you just balled in when these things were due

I am doctoring on others, but there is nobody to doctor on me. When I send my case to the Supreme Doctor, he smiles or keeps silent, or watches and observes, Oh, It is the same complaint. The Force does not “tumble in”; one part wants to be in a flood of energy and work and work, another part inert, obstructive and lethargic... Can you diagnose and treat it effectively and in the shortest time? From your answers, I gather that there is no hurry – all eternity is before me!

Two different personalities standing in the way of each other. No remedy except “harmonisation” and that is usually done by the working of a higher Force which compels the two beggars not to interfere with each other. The business of the patient is to take plenty of doses of the Force. The usual formula (prescription, whatever you like to call it) is “Proceed with as much zeal as if all had to be done in a short fraction of a lifetime and as much patience as if you had all eternity before you.” Your two parts ought to arrange that between them – one seems to plump for the first course, the other for the all-eternity. A splendid chance for harmonisation.

About learning French, wouldn't it be better to drop A's and C's classes and ask K to teach me alone for a rapid progress and a better pronunciation, because it seems K's pronunciation is better.

Not better than C's, but good. But the class is not sufficient for going quick. You can ask K.

I asked J to tell me something on occult science, learning that you spoke highly about him. He seems to have some knowledge. He says my mind is not clear but it has strength and my emotional being very good!! All this true? If he knows all this he is wonderful for his age.

I should say on the contrary that your mind is very clear (in spite of bad logic); it has strength but a slow deliberate strength. The third statement is correct.

He has been learning and experimenting, but is often very hasty in his conclusions.

By the way, none of those perverse “fancies'” please (???)[vide.1 If at all you think of going, let us know beforehand, so that we may disappear before you!

Where would be the fun if I told you beforehand? However, I have no bad intentions for the moment.



1 30.3.35











1935 03 31 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran