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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

About S's finger – without going into all his accusations, I can say that his “facts” are bosh. I can claim, I hope, to have some understanding of serious or trivial injuries; so I gave it the importance due to it... Did he see red, by comparing himself with Suchi's condition?

Many people get alarmed by a quite ordinary injury or ailment of their own.

Yesterday I examined A's eyes. There are some definite follicles on the lower lids. It may be either follicular conjunctivitis or granulations.

Sometime ago all pimples about the eyes or on the lids were being classed in the Ashram as trachoma. It was an epidemic of trachoma!

T better.

R said T was “unconscious” and restless at night wanting to go out and saying “Somebody is trying to take me out, I don't want to go”. Also she speaks of something dark in the room which tries to get into her stomach and gives her the pains. Also she can't remember things – took medicine, afterwards forgot and said she had not taken – speaks to people, afterwards doesn't remember what she spoke. For information, in case he hasn't told you.

N came to me for “pricking pains” in the chest, now and then.

That's all! His description of them was rather fearsome.


1935 04 02 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran