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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I wonder how Z will take the hint about his malpractice. He may flare up in indignation. Still I shall try.

don't tell him that you know or that he is doing it. Try to bring it in obliquely.

What is this revolutionary invention of yours? Tea a cause of loss of hair? I am sure all the tea plantations over the world will send up loud lamentations if this theory be true! But, how can one accept it?

It was not the tea but the 3p milk and the cause and effect were psycho-physical, so there is no difficulty in accepting the theory.

J says that I have in me some capacity for “intuitive criticism” – whatever it may mean. I don't think I have got the right type of mind for criticism, or enough knowledge. Behind my “bad logic”, do you see any signs of a budding critic – intuitive or otherwise?

It is the easiest thing in the world to be a critic. Just look wise and slang the subject in grave well-turned sentences. It does not matter what you say.

What are the things, if any, that have a chance of getting manifested in me – poetry, prose, philosophy, etc., or medicine? I am asking for a yogic prophecy.

Why bother your head? When the supramental comes, and you bloom into a superman, you will just pick up anything you want and become perfect in it with a bang.

By the way Mother told D, it seems, that she would look as young as a girl of 16 in ten years time. That would obviously mean the descent of your Supermind in the physical and its transformation.

I don't know. As you know Time has only one lock of hair (too much tea drinking?) and the difficulty is to catch it.


1935 04 13 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran