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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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I have again become the victim of people's tongue. I came to know that someone was imputing most abject motives to some of my actions, without my giving, any cause offence. I am not even familiar with the person. The person is cultured and has been here for so many years. Above all, we find that you love the person, and the person also is so much attached to you. Still paranindā is so strong in the nature!

Do you think people need a “cause” for criticising others? It is done for the heavenly Ananda of the thing in itself. Paranindā is to the human vital sweeter than all the fruits of Paradise.

If 6 or 7 years stay in the Ashram, doing Yoga can't change these things in persons who are supposed to be good adharas, is there any chance for us?

“These things” are usually the last to change, not the first. Until the inner man is completely changed, the outer refuses to budge. Of course that is not a universal rule, but it seems to be the general rule – at least here. Theoretically it ought to be otherwise and with one or two perhaps it is, but –

I suppose you are curious to know what it is all about! Z said that because I have no chance of eating at D's place, I'm going here and there to get good food – and it is I who made S eat rasagolla and other things and made him ill. Can you explain why these poisonous shafts of criticism are thrown at me, without any reason at all?

Imagination + inference + joy of the perspicacious psychologist + joy of fault-finding + several other vital joys-t-joy of communicating to others, usually called gossip. Quite enough to explain. No other reason wanted.

I could give you the whole working of Z's mind and vital in every detail of this matter and support it by a thousand equally detailed instances, including criticisms of the Mother by “persons who are so attached to her” implying on her a far greater degradation and meanness, if true, than that imputed to you, (so take comfort by the Blessed Company you are in), – but it would fill 30 volumes and not be worthwhile.


1935 05 04 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran