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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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(May I request you to use the pen henceforth, if not inconvenient?) I don't know if by “Blessed Company”, you mean D also. I can never even dream of his having such pettiness!...

By the Blessed Company I meant the company of the Mother – very obviously, if you will read the sentence again. I meant that she has been criticised in the same way thousands of times and accused of still meaner motives than those imputed to you. So you ought not to mind, but rather enjoy being in the same boat with the Mother.

I am really amazed to hear that Mother told a child, E, I think, that only 5 or 6 here will realise the Divine. Then all the rest of us to be thrown into the dust-bin...?

“Blessed be they who believe all that they hear! for they have become like little children.” (Pseudo-sayings of Christ).

What is this joke? You will tell me next that the Mother has confided to Dayakar1 that the supramental now reigns upon the earth or declared the secrets of the ineffable Brahman to K.'s baby. Are you by chance under the impression that E is 77 years old instead of her apparent age? Who has invented this supreme jest?

Tell us something – give us a word of hope or of despair, but only be fair!

There are already more than 5 or 6 in the Ashram who have had some realisation at least of the Divine – so take comfort.



1 A child of 10 years.











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