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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I thought that since homo-psychics proceed from the heart, their knowledge aspect will be limited.

But Ramakrishna was a homo-psychicus with no atom of intellectuality – yet he had plenty of knowledge.

Mother says in the Prayers and Meditations that there is a knowledge which surpasses all other knowledge which means knowledge of the Divine. In that case, psychics or otherwise who realise the Divine, will have the same width, vastness of knowledge.

Certainly, there is nothing to prevent it.

By the higher knowledge, I understand, you mean spiritual knowledge about Atman, Brahman, etc. But can one deal with the problems of ordinary life with mastery by this spiritual knowledge? For instance, if I am asked to criticise Shaw or other literary figures, how am I to do it with this knowledge alone?

One can. What has all that to do with spiritual knowledge? Criticism of Shaw is not a part of Brahmajnana. If one has to do it, one does it with the mind, so long as one does not get into the intuitive overmind or supermind – then one does it with those. This is quite another matter – it has nothing to do with the main question which is about the spiritual realisation – through love or through knowledge.

I have been concentrating on both the head and the heart centres. In meditation the being falls silent, but the head gets heavy and I feel some working going on there.

That is all very good.

I hope I am not going to get knowledge only, because this is the centre for knowledge; I want bhakti and love too. Since I haven't felt them, I have been thinking that maybe the head centre is going to open and not the heart. Though I felt elated, I dreaded it also because I hear the head centre gives knowledge, no doubt, but no love, bhakti – so it is as dry as a nut.

Yes, obviously that is what it is trying to do. When things come in this order the head opens up first and the heart afterwards – finally all the centres. So what is there to be worried about? If you are satisfied only with peace, knowledge and mukti, then perhaps the heart centre may open to that only. But if you want the love, then the descending Power and Light will work for that also. So cheer up and don't get into a state of pother with imaginary difficulties.

S was taking Lithinée according to your suggestion. For the last few days the pain which subsided by Lithinée has come back. Shall I try my mental knowledge or leave her to the spiritual?

At least use your mental K. to know what is the matter with her.


1935 05 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran