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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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S has got boils. What about giving him vaccine injections?

Yes. Have you not got a counter-smoking injection for him also?

In your letter to J you speak of a “special relation” with the Mother. Is this determined by the need and temperament of the sadhak?

For instance, does the Divine say – this man needs to be patted a little, that man humoured, the other requires “an invisible stare” etc.? Is it that? I don't think so.

The need and temperament are one element only. It is the relation as a whole from which everything flows. These things are not arranged by some mental reason or calculated intention. The source is deeper and it is a reality behind that acts.

Some say that the Divine Love is like a rose; those who come nearer to it, that is, open themselves more, necessarily get more of it.

Of course – but those who don't open themselves get it too – without knowing it often. Unfortunately many don't recognise or appreciate their good luck and may even go grumbling and bumbling off into the darkness.

But I say that the Divine Love is a rose which is impersonal as well as personal.

Of course.

Some people are of the opinion that those in whom the psychic has evolved through many births will come nearer to the Divine, and will, therefore, be dearer to Him than others whose psychic is still a child.

The psychic is always a chil-bālavat – only it can be a very wise child.

If I may make a personal allusion – I have all of a sudden been the recipient of your jokes and humour denoting an intimacy. What can be the reason for it? Is it because my psychic development needs it? Is it because I have to be handled only in this way?

All these wise reasonings are rubbish. You are x and therefore you get yz, that is all.

You asked me to cast my plummet into the deep to find out the reason. But the “deep” is too deep for my plummet.

For any mental plummet. It is not the mind that can discover these things.

I don't want to know the cause of the relationship. All I say is that a personal relationship does exist with some which is different from the impersonal relationship of love.

That is of course quite true. Why not leave it there?

R is shouting that he has worse headache than ever and also fever.

T has been asked to show her mouth to you, so that you may see what is the matter. She was taking no food at all, so Mother told her to take liquid food and gargle immediately afterwards. She says as a result her mouth is worse and all swollen.


1935 06 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran