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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

While I was having my afternoon nap, I felt some rays of the sun trying to pierce my brow. It means something, I suppose?

It simply means that some rays of the light of Truth are trying to get inside your skull. As you say “trying”, I won't commit myself farther than that. Strictly speaking, as it was the brow, it means trying to get into the inner mind and light it up a little.

You said on the previous day that the quick emerging of a faculty depends on a favourable adhar. But on what does this favourableness depend? I thought it is all an asset of a past life due to which it becomes easily manifested in the present life.

How can one say on what it depends? It depends on all the past and all the future and on what is behind the present also!! The mental instrument is what has been formed for the present life – naturally if it has by present nature a marked beginning of capacity in a certain direction, it will be more easy for something that is pressing to manifest, to develop through it than it will be for an instrument not so naturally responsive. But “more easy” is all one can say. It does not follow that the facile instrument will do more than the difficult one. There are poets who produce with no difficulty; there are poets who produce with difficulty; there are poets who produce with occasional facility and customary difficulty. All kinds go in to mix the cosmic hotch-potch.

R says he is well today, free from his headache.

Perhaps that is why he proclaims that he is sad. He evidently means to become “artistic” in temperament. It is well known that you can't be an artist unless you are a prey to fits of romantic and meaningless sadness.

S didn't take full course of Fandorine, nor did I think it necessary, for she responded well and I thought her ailment was sligh Now I shall continue the course for a month.

It is a longstanding ailment and used to be before very violent, so a full course is, I think, necessary.

M complains that he is under treatment for his eruptions for 2 months and shaved his head 5 times – still he is covered, whole head with “irruptions” on face and elsewhere. Then?

We have been told about I.K. that she is in a bad state of health, much affected by profuse leucorrhoea (for which her self-chosen remedy is not to eat), but also there is often no urination for 2 days (this is hearsay, so perhaps an exaggeration). Please look into the affair.


1935 06 13 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran