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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

It seems A.B. has come to the top rung of your spiritual ladder. In your heavenly Parliament he must have been in charge of a very important portfolio! Otherwise I don't see how he could, at first sight, have had a vision of the Divine in the Mother, besides other things.

What top rung and what Parliament? There is no such thing as a heavenly parliament. A.B. progressed smoothly and rapidly from the beginning in Yoga, first, because he was in dead earnest; secondly, because he had a clear and solid mind and a strong and tenacious will in complete control of the nerves; thirdly, because his vital being was calm, strong and solid; finally and chiefly, because he had a complete faith and devotion to the Mother. As for seeing the Divine in the Mother at first sight, he is not the only one to do that. Plenty of people have done that, who had no chance of any portfolios, e.g. Rene's cousin, a Musulman girl, who as soon as she met her declared “This is not a woman, she is a goddess”, and has been having significant dreams of her ever since and whenever she is in trouble, thinks other and gets helped out of the trouble. It is not so damnably difficult to see the Divine in the Mother as you make it out to be.


1935 07 24 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran