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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

So your remarks about A.B. only prove that he was not of the common stock.

I don't know. It only proves that he was a good “adhar”.

If one comes down from the higher planes, as I understand K has done for your work, everything becomes a Grand Trunk Road for him.

Nobody has found this Yoga, a Grand Trunk Road, neither A.B. nor K nor even myself or the Mother. All such ideas are a romantic illusion.

I don't know what the Musulman lady exactly saw. From what you say it seems to be a flash of intuition.

Not at all, it was a direct sense of the godhead in her – for I suppose you mean by intuition a sort of idea that comes suddenly? That is what people usually understand by intuition. It was not that in her case nor in A.B's.

By seeing the Divine in the Mother, I don't mean imagination or calm, calculated reasoning. But to see actually the fully flaming, resplendent, effulgent Divine Mother in any one of her Powers – why, that is damnably difficult. Sir, at least for me who have not even seen the halo around her.

I don't believe A.B. or anybody would have that at first view. That can only come if one has already developed the faculty of vision in the occult planes. What is of more importance is the clear perception or intimate inner feeling or direct, sense, “This is She”. I think you are inclined to be too romantic and poetic and too little spiritually realistic in these things.


1935 07 29 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran