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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

J has a swelling of the lower lip; she surmised that it is a hint to stop her from talking too much. When I smiled incredulously, she argued that it was quite possible.

It is possible. It depends on the person and how he or she takes things.

She added that I could ask you if I liked. What do you say about the great hint?

Hints are hints only when you take them – otherwise they are only swellings on a lip.

I send a small poem with Nishikanta's correction. Am I in any way following in his footsteps?

How? Your manner is quite unlike his.

What did you mean by “the poet seems to have come out”?1 Forceps delivery can't be more difficult.

He is out – but with difficulty,

A poem of 14 lines taking so many days! Anyway what do you think of it?

My brother Monomohan in his early days would have taken 40 and been surprised at his own rash celerity in writing.

I like it very well.



1 5.6.35











1935 08 07 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran