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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Well, Sir, have I covered a few milestones on the journey to the Infinite?

Move on, move on

Some time back you wrote to me: “Never has there been such an uprush of mud and brimstone as during the past few months. However the Caravan goes on and today there was some promise of better things.” What about the uprush of mud? Has it settled down, and are people now floating in the flood of the Supramental?

It is still there, but personally I have become superior to it and am travelling forward like a flash of lightning, that is to say zigzag but fairly fast. Now I have got the hang of the whole hanged thing – like a very Einstein I have got the mathematical formula of the whole affair (unintelligible as in his case to anybody but myself) and am working it out figure by figure.

As for people, no! they are not floating in the supramental – some are floating in the higher mind, others rushing up into it and flopping down into the subconscient alternately, are swinging from heaven into hell and back into heaven, again back into hell ad infinitum, some are sticking fast contentedly or discontentedly in the mud, some are sitting in the mud and dreaming dreams and seeing visions, some have their legs in the mud and their head in the heavens etc., etc., an infinity of combinations, while many are simply nowhere. But console yourself – these things, it seems, are inevitable in the process of great transformations.

I send a poem as an offering – the result of the Darshan.

By the way very much pleased with your offering. Even if he is slow in delivery and his Muse not anantaprasarā like Harin's or Dilip's or – the poet is undeniable.


1935 08 16 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran