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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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You say, “I have become superior to it and am travelling forward fast,” but you have been always superior and been always travelling fast all your life. How is it going to affect us?1


If my being able to solve the problem of the subconscient in the sadhana is of no importance, then of course it won't affect anybody. Otherwise it may.

From the condition of the people you describe, there is n't much hope left, nor does it show that your travelling fast has speeded them up.

That is of no importance at present. To get the closed doors open is just now the thing to be done and I am doing it. Speeding people through them can come in its own time when the doors and the people are ready.

What is this mathematical formula that you have all of a sudden found out? Let us have it in a tangible form, if possible...

I told you it was unintelligible to anybody but myself, so how the deuce do you expect me to give it to you in a tangible form?

Chand writes that while he was meditating in a quiet place, he saw a very brilliant mass of reddish light above the temple there. What does it mean?

Don't know. Red means a hundred different things and the particular sense depends upon the shade and the context. If he is getting calm and peace, that is more important.



1 Sri Aurobindo underlined “always superior and been always travelling fast”.











1935 08 17 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran