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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

It appears you have made many people happy at this Darshan in spite of their oscillations, sitting contentedly on their mud thrones. My discontented self is one of that happy group!

Well, one can be happy in a swing or even in the mud! The perfect sadhak should indeed be happy in all circumstances, sarvathā vartamāno'pi as the Gita puts it.

We wonder and wonder how, all on a sudden, you have melted so visibly, tangibly and manifestly. What is it that could melt you so as to give us a patting during darshan?

It is my mathematical discovery – don't seek for any other cause – my grand new, brand-new mathematical formula.

Divine Love concretising itself? or the Divine himself elated at the thought of an impending big deal?

What great expectations! Besides I'm not Roosevelt. I am only going ahead, therefore visibly cheerful though not yet demonstratively exuberant.

But whatever it may be, if you keep up this patting, Sir, at every Darshan, our repinings will disappear. don't you think so?

Don't know. Provided no sadhak interprets my pattings as blows and cries “Why did you thrash me, Sir?”


1935 08 19 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran